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     Come in, have a seat, and relax.  If you'd like a refreshing drink or a delicious snack, feel free to help yourself when the butler passes through.  While you're waiting for him, let's get better acquainted. 

     I'm currently working on a paranormal romance with the working title of "Bitter Invitation."  The story focuses on 24 year old Silky Aultman, owner of Silky Lady in Houston, TX.  She's had a tough life, but finds success in the retail world...especially since her boutique caters to men who love to buy sexy clothes for the ladies in their lives.

     When Robert Granville, a wealthy software mogul, enters the picture, she finds life is not what she thought it was -- it's suddenly a lot more dangerous.

     Right on Robert's heels, Cade appears from nowhere, determined to protect Silky without her knowledge.  His wicked sense of humor attracts her, but it's his panther-like power that ensnares her.

     I'm also plotting a full scale uprising by the vamps, supes, weres, shifters, and fae of Texas.  The different storylines are coming together better than I'd hoped, and I can barely contain my anticipation.

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